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My breakdown of film state tax incentives across the United States of America

One of the services I offer is line producing, and creating speculative budgets for films both big and small. You can find my rates on this website and message me if you'd like to use me for your next project. I have done the spec budgets of over 25 feature films and short films this year alone.

One aspect people often ask me to help breakdown are film tax incentives. These are the tax refunds and rebates that individual states offer to film productions as a way to attract work to their local economy. Below is a PDF of all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico and Washington DC) and what they offer. As well as a few photos to help visualize a vibe of that region and what they might bring to your future production.

I hope you all find this service useful. And please remember to reach out to me when you are ready to get your spec budget ready or if you need someone for the complete steps of your production from A to Z as a line producer. Always here to help!

Matthew Robinson State Film Tax Incentives 2024 - Line Producer
Download P • 36.64MB

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